Discussion Questions for Ad Hudler's Man of the House
  1. The characters in Man of the House are all trying to find an inner balance between masculinity and femininity. Linc is attempting to break free from his feminine role as a caregiver and to get in touch with his masculinity. Jo is a woman who has a profession that usually belongs to a male. As Violet is going through puberty, she begins to become more of a teenage girl and less of a companion for her father. Jessica is a femme fatale, but has the aggression of a man. How does the mixture of characteristics from both genders affect each character?

  2. How does the popular saying "Be careful what you wish for" apply in this novel?

  3. How does Linc's transformation affect his marriage with Jo? What are the positive changes? What are the negative changes?

  4. Women who have read Househusband frequently say that they want a Househusband of their own. However, throughout history women have generally wanted the typical masculine man as a mate. Which of these types of men is the most appealing and why?

  5. As the book progresses, Linc begins to forget small details he usually pays close attention to. What are some of the things he forgets? What are some of the small details that get forgotten around your household during hectic times?

  6. Explain how Jo's 'intervention' with Linc and the foreboding Hurricane Arturo foreshadow disaster ahead in the novel.

  7. Everyone knows that kids change with puberty. However, Violet goes through some very big personality changes. Can all of these be blamed on puberty? If so, which ones?

  8. The construction at the Menner household makes it so Linc is surrounded by macho men every day. How did this contribute to Linc's metamorphosis?

  9. Throughout the novel, Linc does little things to hide the changes he is making in his life. It almost seems as if he's embarrassed to change. What does he do to mask his transformation? Why would he be embarrassed to reveal the changes he is making?

  10. Discuss Jessica Varnadore's progression into a stalker. What does she start out doing that hints to trouble later on in the novel?

  11. In chapter 9, after Violet gets her braces off, Linc wants to call someone and share his emotional moment. However, he has no one to call. Why do you think male caregivers often feel so alone? Do they forge relationships as women do? Why or why not?